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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fake True Story manipulation to Promote The Devil Inside movie

The biggest true story lie of 2012 was The Devil Inside movie. This movie tricked moviegoers into believing Maria Rossi was a real person. She is not real, she is fictitious. The Devil Inside director and screenwriter tandem who created this garbage depended on lies and deception to attract viewers.

No Maria Rossi murdered three church servants. The Vatican declined to answer questions on their exorcism school with these filmmakers because this movie is poor propaganda to dummify demonic possession and exorcisms. These filmmakers took advantage of this rejection to misrepresent The Vatican in a quote about the Church, "The Vatican does not endorse this film." These filmmakers made this statement appear as if their untrue movie is too scary, too controversial, too real to receive Church support. What a bunch of clowns to bend the truth.

The biggest mistake in The Devil Inside is to violate conventional exorcism movie paradigms. Worse of all, there is no climax and no resolution. A dumb statement to direct people to a terrible website is a ploy to create word-of-mouth. Movie studios will push "Based on a True Story" movies any way they can, even through staging real events and real facts to deceive moviegoers and convince them to hold discussions and search for the truth. This marketing gimmick can be viewed as word-of-mouth manipulation to keep a movie such as The Devil Inside relevant.

This 9-1-1 call is the biggest B.S. ever! No Maria Rossi called the South Hartford, Connecticut emergency line to report three murders. The Devil Inside doesn't deserve to be mentioned in any true story discussions. It is obvious this sh***y movie is fake.

Any real movie fan knows this poorly made movie lacks execution. These filmmakers are obviously lazy in their research, as shown with excluding the demon names of a multi-demonic possessed Maria Rossi to locate the demon names. As a matter of fact, no exorcist can exorcise a demon/s from possessed people without learning the name of the demonic spirit occupying their internal cavity.

Nothing is real about The Devil Inside. End of discussion. This vile trash of a 9-1-1 call should at least include disclaimers to warn people it is a fake. We have never been so appalled at a true story movie than this pile of cow dung passed off as a real possession and real exorcism documentary.

The Devil Inside is the winner for the best fake propaganda to trick moviegoers, and make $101 million worldwide in doing so. Too bad these filmmakers haven't made anything worthwhile after delivering a profitable film to all studios involved in this worthless mess.

No actor connected with The Devil Inside movie benefited from starring in this horrible exorcism movie. A $1 million production budget tells the true story of underpaid actors and crew members contributing to a bad movie with no "career boost" potential.

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